New Quilt for Me – Part I

A change of pace today: my new quilt.   I haven’t had a ton of time to sew this week so I haven’t been able to work on the Hunter’s Star Quilt, but I’ll be back to that soon.  In the meantime, I’ve been working on my quilt for a while and I’ve made a lot of progress.

I LOVE my Drunkard’s Path bedspread.  It’s so cute.  However, it’s not warm enough for winter, so I decided to make a second quilt for myself.  By the time I finish it, it won’t be winter anymore, but I’ll be done soon.

I thought I would make a window pane quilt with large diamonds, something that would be simple and pleasing to the eye.  I cut out 10″ squares of especially pretty fabrics (of which I have many) and set them on point.  I had an idea of how I wanted them laid out and how many rows of each I wanted, but my math was fuzzy.  I thought I needed 28 squares and 8 triangles (or something like that), but I ended up cutting the squares a little haphazardly as far as numbers went.  I didn’t decide how I wanted everything laid out and which ones I wanted for the triangles until I’d cut them all.   Normally I plan kind of better, but since the quilt is just a nice blanket for me I didn’t worry that much about it.

Here’s my original layout drawing that I didn’t abide by:

Here’s my stack of squares – to be diamonds – and the sashing strips.

You may recognize the sashing fabric from P & J’s wedding present.

I decided to lay out the diamonds in rows – a row of black, a row of cream, and a row of blue, with the rest filling in the gaps in between.  It works pretty well.  I think it looks beautiful just because I used such pretty prints.  Note how many of the Asian-inspired prints there are – those are some of my favorites.  I had some triangles already cut, and then I decided which of the remaining squares to cut.  I tried to arrange them all so that the directional prints were right side up – I had been pretty careful about cutting my squares that way – but you’ll note that a couple of the triangles aren’t quite right side up, including one of the red iris triangles and one of the Asian-inspired prints – the ladies in kimonos on a pale yellow background aren’t quite upright.

I pieced the diamonds in rows on the diagonal.  Of course, I realized that my triangles – since they were cut from the same size as the squares – would actually be a little too small, but since they were on the borders it didn’t matter.  I also realized once I was piecing that the triangles at each corner should have been quarter triangles, not half triangles (if that makes sense) – look how they extend beyond the line.  I ended up cutting off weird sized scraps.  It wasn’t a problem.

Here’s the finished top, minus the border around the edges, which I don’t appear to have photographed at this stage.

Next week I’ll talk about the back and putting the quilt together!



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