Hunter’s Star Quilt – Part IV

Happy Easter and happy last day of Passover!  I’m so happy that it’s Easter.  I had a lovely weekend with my family.

Your Easter/Passover/random Tuesday in April present is another post on the Hunter’s Star quilt.

I decided to add a border to the quilt.  I had just enough fabric to make a narrow border in the blue or in the white, or both.  I decided on the blue, which I’m also going to use to bind the quilt.  (I know!  My first time binding a quilt!  I already went to the fabric store and bought another 3/4 of a yard of the navy to use as the binding.)  I cut 2.5″ strips and pieced them diagonally into one long, continuous strip because I decided it was easier to pin the long strip to one edge and cut it at the end, then pin to the next side, etc., as opposed to taking the strips and sewing them together and pre-cutting them into strips of the approximate necessary length.  I sewed the border around the edges.

I had decided on beige for the back, because M told me the colors he liked were blue/white and beige.   I gathered up my beige fabrics with subtle prints to make a pieced back, but as I started piecing it, I thought that it was going to come out to patchwork-y for the quilt.  It’s one thing for a patchwork-y back for a scrappy quilt, and most of my quilts are all full of crazy prints.  However, this quilt top is so beautiful with just the two solid fabrics.  The pattern is complex but the simplicity of the two solids appeals to me and I wanted to carry that over into the back. (That’s why the border is a simple solid border.)  I decided not to use the patchwork for the back. I kept piecing it and I’m going to save it for a charity quilt.  Instead, for the back I’m using a solid beige.  I don’t know where I got this wide beige fabric – did I buy it?  Did it come from my grandmother’s sewing things?  I have no memory of acquiring it – but it’s perfect for the back.  I cut approximately five feet of it, since my quilt top is around 55″.  That turned out to be really easy.  I probably should have just decided on that in the first place.

I cut the binding from the extra fabric I’d bought.  I cut six 3″ strips.  (I know that’s super wide, but it’ll be my first time binding a quilt and I wanted to have plenty of leeway.)  Then I sewed the six strips together, folded the long strip in half and ironed it.  I don’t seem to have taken a picture of it, though, so you’ll have to take my word for it!

I took a couple of days off last week and I spent Good Friday with my mom.  We went to the fabric store near my parents’ house – my mom is converted to quilting now! – and I quickly put M’s quilt together on the ping pong table.  It’s not too big and I safety pinned it, so it went pretty quickly.

I laid out the batting and then put the quilt top on top and rolled it up, but I didn’t take a picture.  Then I laid out the backing and unrolled the batting/top onto it and smoothed everything out.

I trimmed the edges and safety pinned them down.

I have been thinking a lot about how I should quilt it.  I had an idea and then I discarded it, and now I have a new idea.  I’ll be doing some machine quilting and some hand quilting.  I suspect I won’t be posting about it next week unless I get a ton of work done this weekend, but I have plenty of other things to share with you!



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