New Quilt for me – Part III

Here’s the third and final post on my new quilt!

I wanted to do quick, simple quilting on my quilt.  I decided to just do parallel lines on the sashing, using navy thread.  I traced lines approximately 3/4″ from each square – in some cases, I learned, my squares weren’t as well aligned as I thought, so the lines aren’t always exactly parallel to the squares, but they’re close enough.  Again, since this quilt is for me, I wasn’t that concerned.

Here are the traced lines – sorry they aren’t that clear in the picture.

Here are my brand new pins and machine needles, purchased on advice from the ladies on my quilt retreat.

I don’t always quilt closely together, but I read on someone’s quilt blog that the quilting shouldn’t be more than three inches apart for a quilt that will be used a lot, because in time the quilt might start to fall apart.  Just in case, I decided I should at least do some additional quilting.  I spent some time thinking about the best way to quilt the diamonds – since I’d chosen them to highlight the prints, some of which I fussy cut, I didn’t want to obscure the prints by quilting over or through them.  Here are different ideas I thought about:

I finally decided on diamonds quilted inside of them, like below.  For the corners and edges, I traced whatever portion would appear if it were part of a whole diamond.

The diamonds meant I didn’t have to maneuver the quilt too much.  Since this is what my quilt space looks like, I think you can see why I prefer pretty simple designs when machine quilting:

I quilt on the desk from my childhood bedroom set.  It’s not ideal, to say the least.

I quilted the diamonds across diagonal rows.  I rolled up the quilt and began with the center diagonal row, going from the top corner of the quilt to the bottom corner opposite.  Each row got two passes – first quilting one half of each diamond and then quilting the second.  I alternated sides, so if I did the left side of the top diamond, I did the right side of the diamond below it, and back and forth all the way down.  Then I moved to the row to the right, and the row to the right of that, until I was finished with that half of the quilt.  Then I flipped the quilt over and repeated the process with the rows that remained.

I only quilted within each of the squares set on point.  When I got to the bottom, I backstitched, lifted my needle and the foot, and moved to the top point of the square below.  I cut all those threads off at the end.

I was really happy with how the quilting came out.

Here’s the quilting from the back:


I LOVE the back.  I love it more than the front.

I finished the quilt in the beginning of April and since we’ve had another cold snap I’ve actually been able to use it again.


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