Charity Quilt – part I

My quilt guild does a lot of charity work, and right now they’re having a charity competition.  They got a big donation of leftover shirting fabric from Van Heusen.  I paid $5 and got a bag of fabric to make a twin sized quilt.  The quilts are going to underprivileged city kids who go to a summer camp in the summer a summer camp for kids with cancer.  I got the fabric in April and it’s due in June. I’m really excited about the competition, but I’m a little bit afraid that I’ve taken too much on – I’m very busy this spring. I decided when they announced the competition that I would make a hexagon quilt.  I love the look of hexagon quilts, and now I have this new Hex N More tool.  (One of the ladies at the quilt retreat recommended it to me.) Here are the fabrics.  They’re very nice quality but the colors aren’t quite what I’d choose.  (I love orange but a couple of these oranges are kind of garish.)  I figure it should make a pretty masculine quilt, though. I started cutting triangles for the hexagons.  At some point I realized it would be faster to cut half-hexagons, only the striped fabrics would look cooler if they were cut as triangles and sewn with all the stripes going into the center.   Also, I’d already cut a bunch of triangles.  I decided to switch to half-hexagons, though.

I decided instead of making a design of all hexagons that are one size, I’ll use the triangles to make a center.  (They’ll come out slightly smaller than the hexagons made of half-hexagons.) I’ll make a narrow border and then fill the rest of the quilt with the hexagons made of the half-hexagons.  I think it’ll look really cool, assuming I have time to finish it!


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