Moose apron for my sister

I wanted to make an apron for my sister for her birthday.  I still have moose fabric floating around, so more moose for her! (To my chagrin, I couldn’t find all of it, which I’m sure means that it’ll all pop up in four months when I’m looking for something else I can’t find.)

I chose this moose fabric, plus these coordinates:

I have made a couple of aprons before, so I feel sufficiently confident that I don’t need to go from instructions.  In this case I went off of the apron I made myself a couple of years ago ( and I kind of eyeballed the measurements.  My sister is taller than me, but not so much taller that the measurements had to be drastically adjusted.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how to use the three fabrics to best effect, and I finally decided to use the moose fabric for the torso/bodice of the apron (what’s the word for that?), the metallic-y brown for the bottom half of the apron, and the trees for the border and straps.  I didn’t make a pocket this time.

I cut the tree fabric into strips. I was careful to match the directionality of the trees when I was sewing the strips to the rectangles of the top and bottom.

I folded over the edges and sewed them down.  I took the top part of the apron and folded it under the top edge of the bottom part of the apron and sewed that down.

I cut wider strips to make the waist ties and the neck strap.  I folded each strip in half, right sides together, and sewed along the long edges.  For the waist ties, I also sewed one end of each strap closed.

Here are the ties for the waist:

I took the open edges of the straps, folded them under, pinned them where I wanted, and sewed them down.  The neck strap is a little long, but I always err on the side of too long because I worry about getting it over your head.

Here’s the finished apron.  I think it came out so cute!  It matches the pot holders I made for N at Christmas (


2 thoughts on “Moose apron for my sister

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