Hunter’s Star Quilt – Part VI

Today we’ll talk about the hand quilting I’m doing on the Hunter’s Star Quilt I’m making for my coworker M.

You saw some of my planned design in the pictures I posted last week.  I wanted to highlight the stars.  I traced lines half an inch around the border of each star and half an inch within each star.

The quilting is going very slowly.  I am not a speedy hand quilter.  I can do a whole star (inner and outer quilting) in about an hour and 45 minutes if I’m solely focused on quilting, and not checking email or surfing the internet or watching a TV show.  I’ve been working on it in the evenings after work, when I have time, and over the weekend – when I have time.  My goal is to be done with the quilt by the end of the month but I don’t think that’s enough time.

I am also planning to hand-sew my binding.  This is the first time I’ve done that on a quilt.  I’m using a navy binding, which I put on at the quilt retreat I went to.  I’m planning to hand sew it down to the back.  I have previously only bound pot holders (which I don’t think I’ve ever posted about…that’ll be a future post) and I did my charity quilt all by machine.  I’m a little nervous about how long that will take me, too.

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