Dress adjustment

I’ll take a quick break from quilting just to show you a quick modification I did on a dress this weekend.

I went to a wedding on Sunday and the dress code was black tie optional, which is a little bit fancier than my wardrobe.  I have some nice cocktail dresses, and I decided on this navy one:

The neckline was always a bit gaping – that’s just how the dress was designed – but I’ve lost a little weight since I bought the dress and now I fill the top out even less.  It wasn’t flattering or appropriate so I decided to just sew it up a little higher.  It actually doesn’t look so bad in the above picture, but it has a tendency to slip off my shoulders, among other issues.

I tried it on, pinned it, had my roommate check to make sure my pinning looked even, and then I sewed it closed with matching navy thread.  The stitches are almost invisible.  I did more stitching on the wrong side to secure it, and I managed to do that with all but one stitch not showing through the outside.  (The fabric is doubled in the bodice and I was being very careful to only catch the inside layer.)

Voila!  No more gaping.  It’s such a pretty dress, with what I think of as a Grecian draping-inspired design.  It’s also very comfortable, which is the reason I chose it in the first place.  It was a quick fix – it took me less than fifteen minutes.  I thought about taking in the arm holes as well, but I didn’t want to mess up the draping there so I left them alone.  They don’t show anything so it didn’t matter.

Much better, right?

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