Hexagon wedding quilt – Part I

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  I got a lot of work done on various projects, but for the next couple of weeks I want to post about a finished quilt.

My friend C just got married and I made her and her now husband, J, a quilt for their wedding present.  I actually started it months ago – back in January – and I put the layers together in March and did most of the quilting at the March quilt retreat I went to.  Now that the wedding has happened I can finally post about it!

C’s favorite color is purple and J’s favorite color is blue.  I had an idea that I wanted to do hexagons, because (as you’ve heard me mention) I love hexagons.  Remember when I was working on my quilt for myself?  I picked out some of those fabrics after I had cut the pieces for C’s quilt.  I also made this before I had my hexagon tool, so I cut a triangle out of template plastic and used that.  I used the triangle from the pinwheel quilt I made for P and J, even though this one isn’t pinwheels.  I measured the height of the triangle, cut strips of that width, and then cut my triangles out.


Once I had my piles of triangles, I started sewing them together.  I sewed two of each print together, then ironed and added a third to form all of my half hexagons.

I had cut extra triangles  (it never hurts to have too many!)  which  I’m saving for a doll quilt or something.  They’re probably buried somewhere under a pile of other fabric.  (Speaking of doll quilts, I haven’t made one in ages.  That’s on my to-do list for the summer.)

Here’s my sketch for the design of the quilt and how many hexagons and half hexagons I needed.

When it came time to do the layout, I separated the hexagons by color and shade.    Purples went in one pile, light blues in another, and dark blues in a third.  (This is where I weeded out some of the extras.)  I had this one print, which had blue and a lot of purple in it but is actually on a background that reads grey to me.  I think it’s beautiful but I couldn’t put it in any of the three piles, so I chose it for the center.

I ringed that with my six light blue hexagons, and around those I arranged twelve of my purples, trying to alternate between lighter and darker purples.

I reserved a set of four hexagons that are all from the same collection, closer to fuchsia.  Here’s a picture of one of those prints, so you can see what I mean about the shade, and maybe pick them out more easily in the full layout.

I arranged my dark blues in an outer ring.  I took the reserved fuchsia half hexagons and placed them along the top and bottom (half of each along the top and the bottom, in reverse order – so that the print at the bottom left hand corner is the same as the half hexagon at the top right hand corner, and vice versa).  I filled in the remaining spaces with blue hexagons.

For the border I chose this blue print.  I cut out triangles for the edge of each hexagon on the end of a row.

I sewed it all together by row, then sewed the rows together.  (You can also arrange your half-hexagons vertically and sew them in columns but doing it horizontally makes more sense to me.)

I did my best to keep any directional pattern, of which I had a few, facing “up.”  Some of the prints are striped or stripe-adjacent and I arranged the triangles so that the stripes would emanate from the center.  I took a bunch of close up pictures of those, so I’ll include them here.  (You can never have too many pictures, right?)  I think some of the effects are cool.

I arranged the one below so that all of the red would be at the center.

The print below was arranged so everything would sort of be “up.”

Here’s the completed quilt top, ready to be sandwiched and quilted – but that’ll be another post.


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