Hexagon wedding quilt – Part III

This week I want to talk about the machine quilting on the hexagon wedding quilt I made for C and J. I did machine quilting on two sections of the quilt – first on the center with the hexagons, and then on the borders. I started with the center hexagon.  I traced lines (I think an inch? maybe?) from the outer edges of the hexagon.  I did it in purple thread.  (Note: Looking at my pictures, I see that I traced the center hexagon and the ring surrounding it, then quilting the ring surrounding it, and then went back and quilting the center hexagon.  I can’t remember why.)

Next I did the light blue ring of hexagons around the center.  First I traced lines (an inch – I’m pretty sure it was an inch) around the outside of the center hexagon.  I did two more rounds of quilting in this ring of hexagons – one round of quilting an inch in from the outer edge of the hexagons and one round of quilting touching the corners of that, making a large hexagon.  I did that in light blue thread.  I think you can see that in the pictures above as well. Then I moved to the purple ring and I did two rounds of quilting, along the inside edge and the outside edge of the ring.  (It’s hard to describe the quilting designs I did here, but I hope the pictures make it clearer.)  I like how the quilting came out – it’s very geometric and cool.  I did that in purple, and then the blue ring in my royal blue thread.

For the purple half-hexagons along the top and bottom of the quilt, I did a line following the half-hexagon edge of each one, in purple thread.

I also still had clusters of blue hexagons in the corners to be quilted.  I made this kind of weird shape:

For the inner border, in the blue and white print, I took navy thread and I followed the line of the triangles up and down the sides of the quilt.

I made this design along the top and bottom of the inner border, mirroring the line of the quilting on the hexagons forming the border. I don’t know how else to describe it.

That left the top and sides of the navy border.  I considered using this motif, which I had used on Z’s quilt, but it was too wide.

I chose this narrower one, instead.  I used my template plastic to make the templates.

I started going across the top, with a light and a darker purple thread.  They both read too pink for me – I think they both had red undertones that came out more strongly against the blue background.

I switched to bluer purples for the sides but they still look rather pinker than I wanted.  Perhaps I should have chosen blue threads instead, but it still looks nice.  It wasn’t quite what I was going for, but I guess I really don’t own any blue-purple threads.

Here you can see the contrast in the thread colors and where I switched at the corners.

Here are some pictures of the back:

A picture of the finished quilt, looking lovely, if I do say so myself.  I used my parents’ pool chairs for the pictures (outdoor pictures! rare for me!).  (The bottom looks weird because I covered up C and J’s names.)

The end!  Next week we’ll have something different.


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