Finished Quilts

This morning I added a new page for finished quilts.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and this week I finally got around to it.  One thing I realized as I put it together is that I haven’t posted about a couple of early quilts I made.    Another thing I noticed is how bad I am about linking to previous posts about a quilt.  That’s something I need to work on in the future.

A positive that came out of it is that I can now look at almost all the quilts I’ve ever made in one place.  I remember most of them pretty clearly but I’d kind of forgotten a couple, and I was reminded how pretty they are.

I included any baby quilts/wall hangings that were made for babies, but no other wall hangings or other things that are quilted but not quilts.

I don’t post a lot of work in progress posts about my quilts because, as you can see, so many of them are presents.  I counted and I’ve made 23 quilts (not including the baby wall hangings) in the last 7 years, 20 of which were gifts.  Z doesn’t read my blog but some of my family knows about it, and so do some of my friends, and I never want to spoil the surprise.  I wish I could share more things with you in real time but it’s more important to me that my friends and family not stumble upon a surprise months before they get it.  For the same reason, I don’t post about my monthly goals or monthly finishes.  Half of what I’m working on right now are presents, including, as I’ve mentioned before, Christmas presents.  (Some of those things are for Z and his family, so you might see them on the blog well before Christmas.)  Anyway, I wanted to explain a bit of my methodology when it comes to posting.

Enjoy the finished quilts tab!


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