10 Quilty Little Secrets

I’ve been seeing everyone’s quilting secrets, following Amy at 13 Spools and her 10 Quilty Little Secrets post, and it made me feel a little better about not being a perfect quilter!  So here goes:

1.  I don’t press.  (Does anyone?  I feel like everyone’s secrets included ironing.)  At first I didn’t even realize there was a difference; now I know there is but I don’t actually remember to do it.  Lately I’ve been trying to skip ironing while I’m piecing, too…

2. I am afraid to try some quilting techniques, like paper piecing.  People have told me it’s easy but it seems SO INTIMIDATING.  Applique is the same, for me.  I did applique on my first quilt and didn’t know what I was doing.  I put nail polish on the edges to keep them from fraying!  Now I know not to do that, but I avoid applique projects because I haven’t learned a good technique.  (Maybe next year I can tackle applique…and then you can look for lots of doll quilts that are applique while I practice.)

3.  I am terrible at free motion quilting but I’m trying to learn now, because I’m working on something this fall that I want to do free motion quilting on.  So look for a few posts about that experience!  (Mostly doll quilts.  I practice everything on doll quilts.)

4.  I don’t usually square up my blocks.  Or, necessarily, my quilts, although now that I’ve learned to bind I am making an effort to square up my quilts.

5.  This isn’t really a secret, but I just learned to bind quilts in March.  I have thus far bound one quilt by hand and one by machine, and I’ve done some small things by hand.  I’m okay at it.  I don’t care if my corners aren’t perfect.

6.  I don’t care if lots of things about my quilts aren’t perfect.  Done is better than perfect (and I’m usually working against a deadline).

7.  I take on more than I can chew and then I have to rush to finish things!

8.  I love the look of modern quilts and I’m trying to make quilts that are more modern, but I like when people’s definition of modern is flexible.  (Look for another upcoming post about this!)

9. I’ve never used Aurifil or any special threads like that.  I use regular cotton thread from connectingthreads.com and I think it’s great.

10.  I’ve never washed any of my quilts, ever.  I should, right?  Normally, again, I’m on a deadline, but even the one I keep I haven’t washed, and I think I need to, because I’ve been using one as my bedspread for months.  I’ll figure it out.  (I do wash all the fabric beforehand, though.)


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