“Butterfly Dreams” Doll Quilt

Z and I were taking a road trip a couple of months ago and I wanted to have something to work on in the car, so I put together this doll quilt.

I also wanted to use this pattern, which I won in a guild raffle last year.  I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone.  I don’t think I’ll ever use it again.  It was too fussy, the little basket pattern.  It’s not for me.

I picked all butterfly prints.  I’m calling this quilt “Butterfly Dreams.”  (I still have to make the quilt tag for it.)  I haven’t named my quilts in the past but I’m working on it, and I thought “Butterfly Dreams” really fit this one.

I started making my quilt sandwich with just the aqua print on the top (to form the center of the quilt) and the darker blue print for the back.  I pinned my sandwich and traced the pattern, then hand quilted in light blue thread to match the fabric.  Then I added a border with hot pink fabric, as a quilt as you go project.  I remembered to use the blue thread for that (see below) so it would show up nicely on the back, instead of accidentally using white thread.

I continued to quilt the basket pattern.  (In the end, I drove on the road trip and I didn’t have time to quilt, but I worked on it on vacation.)  I did the binding, also using a print in a butterfly pattern.

Here’s a shot of the back after I sewed the binding down, so you can see the print I used on the back.

The last thing I did was quilt the hot pink border.  I’m practicing my free motion quilting right now, so that’s what I did on the border, using matching pink thread.  I wanted the free motion quilting to resemble ribbons, but I didn’t quite get there.  I need to practice drawing the ribbons before I quilt that motif again.

I missed my guild meeting this month, so this will go in October, along with at least one other doll quilt I’ve finished and haven’t posted about yet.  I have others in progress.  I’m using them expressly for the purpose of practicing my free motion quilting.


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