Purple Doll Quilt

Hello habibis!  Today is the last day of September and therefore the last day of National Sewing and Quilting Month.  Today I’m bringing you another doll quilt – and from start to finish!

I’m trying to practice free motion quilting right now, and what better way to practice than on doll quilts?  They’re small and easy to manipulate.  Here’s one I put together specifically for that purpose.  I cut strips of purple fabric of varying widths and arranged them like this:

You may recognize some of these fabrics from my cousin C’s apron – I had leftover scraps in weird sizes.

I layered it with this green print on the back.  It just happened that I had enough of it to cover the back, but in the end I was really pleased with the color combination.

I wanted to quilt this with curvy/wavy lines, which is what I’m practicing right now.  I used this purple thread.  I decided to do overlapping lines, and here’s the result:

Here it is from the back – I love the way the purple looks on the green.  For the binding I chose this purple (the backing fabric from my friend N’s wedding quilt, which I still have scraps of) and a matching purple thread.  Some of my corners weren’t perfect but I don’t mind.

I had a little bit of trouble with thread breakage and I think I need to adjust my settings.  I just got a couple of books about free motion quilting, so that should help.  I also took my machine in for a tune up, since I hadn’t had it cleaned or anything in the 7 years that I’ve had it.

I’m afraid I haven’t named this one – I wanted something that referenced the shades of purple, but I get a rather icy/wintry feel from the fabrics, especially the shimmery metallic one, and nothing that referenced ice or winter felt appropriate for a doll quilt.  So, it’s unnamed, but quite cute.



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