Blue and Yellow Doll Quilt

Hello habibis! I hope you’re all doing well.  I got quite a bit of sewing done in the last week: my magnum opus, doll quilts, and a gift that you’ll see at some point. Today I’m showing off a cute little doll quilt. I used leftover scraps from various projects, including a couple of prints (one flannel, one not) from the baby quilt I made for my friends J and N’s older daughter. How cute are the nursery rhyme prints?

It’s a simple quilt – a center square and three borders, two of the striped flannel and one of the nursery rhyme characters.  I used more of the striped flannel for the back.

I quilted wavy lines in light blue thread to practice my free motion quilting.

I was pleased to have enough of the center fabric to make the binding.  I’ve added the binding but haven’t sewn it down yet. I don’t have any finishes I can share (all my finishes are gifts) so it’s WIP doll quilts or nothing today!

4 thoughts on “Blue and Yellow Doll Quilt

  1. I love these fabrics together – you have a great sense of color! And I love the wavy lines FMQ – I may try this in a Halloween quilt I’m working on, thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks on both counts! The wavy lines FMQ is about all I can manage right now but I like the way it looks. I have a big project I’m working on that I can’t post for a couple of months, but I’m planning to use the wavy FMQ for that, and I’ve been practicing on all my doll quilts. Can’t wait to see how it works on your Halloween quilt!

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