Extra Tuesday post

Hello habibis!  I felt like writing an extra Tuesday post this week.  I wanted to write about some things without distracting from the stuffed animal I made my goddaughter, which is my other post today (going up at noon).  (Blogging gets kind of addictive, doesn’t it?  There’s so much I want to say – but normally I’m too busy sewing and/or by the time I’ve finished the present and gifted it I’ve forgotten half of my thoughts about the beginning of the project.)

I was able to go to my guild meeting this weekend, after missing last month’s meeting (for the bachelorette party, so it was a good cause).  I took my magnum opus to work on while I was there.  I saw my friends in the guild and I enjoyed our speaker.  She talked about “celebration quilts,” by which she meant any quilt that celebrates a moment or an event or someone’s life – baby quilts, wedding quilts, anniversary quilts, cancer quilts, birthday quilts, travel/vacation quilts, even charity quilts.  By that definition I think every quilt I’ve made except for the two on my bed are celebration quilts!

We’re having pretty nice fall weather now, so I can snuggle up under my two quilts (speaking of) – this is the first year I’ve slept under a quilt I made myself.  It’s a good feeling.  I worry that they won’t be warm enough for a winter like last year.  (My first instinct was to make another one, but I’m too busy with other projects.  I have at least that much sense when it comes to time management!)  Next weekend I’m going to my parents’ house and I’ll have a chance to switch out my summer and winter wardrobes, which I’m looking forward to.  (We only have two closets in our apartment, one in each bedroom, and they are very very small.)

I dropped the two doll quilts I’d finished (read about them here and here) off at my guild and I just wanted to show the cute little labels I made for them.  I haven’t posted about the charity in a while (http://www.emergencydolldispatch.org/donate.html), but they work with (I think) the American Girl Doll company, and for every doll quilt that’s donated they donate a doll (to go with the doll quilt) for an abused child.   (I won’t say I’m dating myself because probably anyone reading this has a pretty good idea of how old I am, but I LOVED my American Girl Doll growing up; I had Kirsten and I took her literally everywhere except for church and school.  I slept with her every night, I messed up her hair so badly my mom had to send her to the doll hospital for a new head, I even threw up on her once.  My mom has my sister’s and my dolls stored away for when we have daughters.)  Anyway, I want those kids to feel like they’re special, so I put on each label “for someone special.”

I also put the name on the “Butterfly Dreams” quilt label, but I still couldn’t decide on a name for the purple one so it shall remain nameless.  The micron pen doesn’t show up as nicely as I’d like.  I got thicker pens but I couldn’t find them when I was doing the labels.  I’ll try the thicker ones and if that doesn’t work I may need to change pen brands.

I posted about my third doll quilt, the blue and yellow one, last week – that still needs the binding sewn down.  I have two more doll quilts to show you, both of which are in the same state.  I have so much other hand sewing to do that the bindings are taking a back seat.  The magnum opus is my priority right now, so those doll quilts may not be done in time for the November guild meeting.  We’ll see.  I will, however, be making a stocking or two and some drawstring bags before the next meeting.

I’ve left the best for last!  As I mentioned a week or so ago, Lily’s Quilts is hosting a small blog meet, and I’ve met some lovely bloggers.   There are twelve of us total in the blog meet and my goal is to meet (“meet”) and follow all of them, but here are the four ladies I’ve met so far:

Marie @ Stokes Croft Stitching  – I love the cute bag she made with some orange on blue flamingo fabric

Amy @IndigoCottageQuilts  – Amy has some cool Halloween projects she’s cooking up (very seasonal!) and check out the Union Jack she made with Downton Abbey fabrics

Margaret @ Pieces of My Heart  – These two quilt tops have really caught my fancy.  (If you’ve perused my finishes you probably know how much I love hexagons!)

Shelley @The Carpenters Daughter who Quilts  – I love the train quilt Shelley made for her father-in-law; it reminds me of the train quilt I made my grandpa.

Check them all out!



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