Flight-themed Doll Quilt

Another doll quilt! I didn’t name this one.  I thought for a while about a name for it (Flying High was a contender -it makes me think of the Reading Rainbow theme song – and so war Soar) but nothing really fit.  I decided not all quilts need a name.  (To be honest, “Butterfly Dreams” is the first quilt I’ve ever named, I think; in the past I’ve always thought of the quilt as “so-and-so’s quilt,” whoever the recipient is.  I like the idea of naming quilts but I hadn’t really tried until recently.)

I started with the plane panel.  I rooted around for matching fabrics and came up with the navy I used for the border.  I have no idea how it got in my stash.  It’s apples? Or pears.  Or turnips? It’s produce of some sort.  Does it fit thematically with flying?  No, but the colors match, so I went with it.

I used this other navy (definitely leaves – at least I can identify that) for the back.

I’m practicing my FMQ!  More wavy lines.  I tried to do something more involved but I need to play around with my machine more before it’ll actually do that for me, so wavy lines it is.  They’re horizontal, with white thread – they’re supposed to look like flight, if you know what I mean.

I haven’t sewn down the binding yet.  I made it with scraps from the two navy fabrics. I see that I didn’t take a picture after I put the binding on, but since I haven’t sewn it down I guess that doesn’t matter much. I’ll do that eventually.  Possibly after Christmas.  Christmas is less than 10 weeks away!  I have so much to do before then.


2 thoughts on “Flight-themed Doll Quilt

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