Magnum opus update #8

Hello habibis!  I feel like I should apologize for the brevity of my doll quilt post yesterday, but I was a little bit under the weather when I wrote it and even blogging felt like too much energy. My mom had a cold over the weekend and I might have caught it, but the change in weather – or, more accurately, everyone blasting the heat – hasn’t helped. I think I’d have felt much better if I weren’t overheated throughout the day.  Anyway, I feel much better now.  I took the afternoon off from work and that made a big difference.

Anyway, on to my magnum opus. As I mentioned above, I went home to visit my family this weekend, which was lovely. I smushed the magnum opus into my guild tote and took it with me. (Other ladies in my guild recommended the new XXL ziploc bags that they sell now for toting quilts, and I really need to check those out.) I worked on the magnum opus whenever I had free time and I managed to make some progress. (That helped compensate for the fact that I hadn’t worked on it during the week – things have been busy with work and I haven’t been sewing much in the evenings.) I quilted 12 words, which brings my total to 83 words. I only have 16 words left! (I still have many, many stars left, though, plus I have to make the binding.) Anyway, it’s progressing!


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