Magnum opus update #10

This week I finished the phrases on the quilt, the last seven words.  Then I turned my attention to the stars, and I realized that I hadn’t drawn my stars properly in one section of the design and I was going to be four short.  My choices were to rip out two rows and redraw them, or add stars in another section (meaning my rows would be uneven).  I hate ripping out stitches – all that work – but I knew how much it would bother me if the rows weren’t even, so I ripped out fourteen stars.  I sewed 17 stars, so I have a net gain of three stars with a total of 23 stars finished now.  There are, unfortunately, many many stars to go.  If only I’d done my math right in the first place I could have avoided this!  Oh well.  I always make some math mistake, somewhere.  I still haven’t traced out all the stars I want, but at least I’m getting into the home stretch when it comes to the quilting for this quilt.


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