Charity dog bed

Hello habibis! I’ve got a rather lumpy giant pillow/dog bed to share with you today.

I took these coordinated purple plaids and sewed them into a giant sack and then I stuffed it with all my extra batting scraps and stuffing and whatever else I had.  Then I sewed up the open end.  It’s about a foot and a half by three feet, give or take.  It’s more pillow than bed, really.  The purples are cute, though.

It went to a shelter where my parents’ neighbor works.  I am planning to turn my old bedspread into another dog bed/pillow but I’ve been so caught up with my two big projects and now Christmas presents that I guess that’ll have to wait.

In blog news, I’ve decided to do my blog advent calendar again – a post every day for the duration of Advent, starting Sunday November 30th (the Sunday after Thanksgiving), the first Sunday in Advent.  This year I’ve got some exciting guest bloggers lined up, some of my real-life habibis, who will show you some of their beautiful homemade art.  We’ll also do some throwback posts – I’ll show you quilts I made in the past and never blogged about – and I’ve decided to do a series of travel posts.  I’ve had requests to talk about my travels and I think this will be the perfect time.  I’d better dig out some of my old pictures!

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