Magnum opus update #13

Habibis, it is hard to believe, but this is my last magnum opus update.  I’ll be finishing it up in the next week and gifting it soon – very soon!  I’ll post about it during my Advent calendar posts but not until I’ve given it to its recipient.  I have spent more time on this quilt than, I think, any other quilt I’ve made, because I hand quilted the entire thing.  (Even now, when I’m close to the end, I still want to add more to the design, and I probably don’t have time for that.)

I quilted 14 stars this week, which brings my total to 85.  I also added the binding, so in the next week or so I need to finish quilting all the stars and sew the binding down.

Check back in on Sunday for my first Advent calendar post – a Sunday stash!  See all the gorgeous fabrics that made their way into my stash this year (many, many fabrics).  Also, a quick shout out to Casey at  She wrote an applique book, Modern Applique Illusions, and every project is AMAZING.  It is on my Christmas wish list.  In addition to being super talented, she’s also super generous; she did a blog hop for her book (buy it here!) and she did a giveaway with scraps and fusible webbing for every project in the book!  I won for her Perspective quilt – there’s a package of scraps and fusing on its way to me!  🙂

I want to wish a happy and safe Thanksgiving to everyone in the US, especially people who are traveling.  Where I am we’re expecting some poor weather today, so J (my roommate) and I are planning to head to our hometown this morning, just to be on the safe side.  For my global readers, have a wonderful week as well!


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