Pillow for Aunt M

Today I’m going to show you the birthday present I made for my aunt M. (We celebrated her birthday at Thanksgiving.)

You may remember the quilt I made for my family using my grandpa’s tshirts and sweatshirts after he died. You can see it here. I had all of them, and in the pile I also had a sweatshirt that either my mom or Aunt M had given to my grandma for the last Christmas before she died. It still had the tags on it. It said “grandma’s little dears” with reindeer on it. I’ve saved it for several years because there never seemed to be an appropriate project until now. Aunt M is going to be a grandma for the first time. I knew she’d love a grandma pillow made from something that belonged to her mother.

Here’s a close up of the image on the sweatshirt:

I was using an 18″ pillow form, so I turned the sweatshirt inside out and traced an 18.5″-wide column from the neck to the bottom, centered around the “little dears.”  I did the same thing for the back.

I sewed them together, right sides together, along the top edge, because I wanted the deer to be centered on the pillow and they weren’t centered on the sweatshirt.  I needed more space at the top.

Then I needed to sew the sides together.  I wanted to do an envelope closure so I overlapped the ends:

Here’s the finished pillow.

The envelope closure is a little droopy – I think the elastic waistband of the sweatshirt pulls.

Aunt M loved the pillow.  It’s so cute, isn’t it?


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