Coasters for T-Rex

Hi habibis!  Today I’m going to be showing you the coasters I made for my cousin T, AKA T-Rex, for her birthday.

T-Rex’s favorite color is green, so I chose all green fabrics in similar shades – nice and bright.  I cut up strips and sewed them together, then squared them up.  I think they’re 5″ finished.  I used the peacock fabric from the potholders I’d made her last Christmas (because who doesn’t need coasters that match their potholders, right? but really because it’s so pretty) for the back.  I made little sandwiches with batting, sewed around the edges, then flipped them right side out and hand-sewed the opening.

I quilted spirals in green thread.  I think it looks really cool.

Here they are, in “order” (with the fabric going from lightest to darkest).  (It was supposed to be a progression of five fabrics with two prints per coasters, but I didn’t like my fifth print, so instead I used four prints.  I still wanted each one to be different, so the second from the right has three different prints in it.)

Here’s a shot of the back:

Cute, right?

PS T-Rex will be guest posting next Wednesday!

P.P.S. Tune in tomorrow to see my magnum opus!


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