Mirror Mirrored Kickstarter

Just a reminder, check out this Kickstarter for “Mirror Mirrored,” which features artistic reinterpretations of some of Grimms’ fairy tales.  You’re not just pledging – your purchasing art!  Even a $5 pledge gets a thank-you postcard; a $10 pledge gets you an electronic copy of the book.  A $25 pledge gets you an e-copy of the book and a copy of “Gottfried the Dragon,” an original fairy tale written and illustrated by Corwin Levi, one of the main artists involved in the “Mirror Mirrored” project.  A $50 pledge gets you a hard copy of “Mirror Mirrored,” and the goodies just keep getting better the more you pledge.  (You get art!)  The book won’t be published until next year, but you could get a pretty awesome IOU for someone special on your Christmas list, or get started for near year’s holiday shopping!   It’s a beautiful and unique gift, the perfect coffee table book or gift for any art or literature lover in your life.  (Also, “Gottfried the Dragon” ships in December, so in theory you could have that by Christmas!) The Kickstarter is only open for a couple more days, so order now!

P.S.  This post isn’t sponsored.  Spry is involved and she’s a good friend of mine, and I know Corwin, as well.  They’re very talented people and I want to share this awesome project their working on!  (I don’t know all the other artists, but Spry tells me they’re pretty cool.)



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