Guest Post Wednesday: T-Rex’s Crocheting

Habibis, today I bring you T-Rex and her guest blog post, which she wrote about crocheting.  I even learned something new, reading it – I didn’t know that our grandma crocheted or that she was the one who had taught T-Rex.  Read on for T-Rex’s thoughts, and see a couple of snowflakes she crocheted at the bottom.


As an intermediate crocheter I am still learning the craft, but here are three reasons why it’s near and dear to my heart. (I’m fairly sure these reasons could apply to most other crafts.)

1) Crocheting is soothing.

Crocheting takes time and patience, but creating a handmade product from what was previously just a ball of yarn can be very satisfying. Who doesn’t like creating order out of disorder?

Most crafters already know that crafting makes us happy (even when we have a giant ball of yarn to untangle!), but there is also proof to back up this therapeutic effect. (This site has links to some amazing organizations that are helping people heal through the power of crafting.)

2) Crochet time is non-tech time.

How many hours a day are we stuck sitting in front of a computer at home or at work, or glued to our smartphones? A crochet hook and yarn need both your hands, so you cannot hold anything else! I really treasure the moments when I can unplug and get in the crafting zone.

3) Crocheting brings people together.

When I was young, my grandma taught me how to crochet. She was also an expert seamstress, and her willingness to sew everything from our Halloween costumes to new clothes came from a place of love. By transferring her knowledge to me, she instilled in me a lifelong love for the craft.

Whether it be a knitting club or a one-on-one crafting session, there is no doubt that producing handmade products brings us closer to other people. We are forced to slow down and focus on what we are making and for whom we’re making it. This is the true gift of crafting.

Thanks to T-Rex for posting today!  Come back tomorrow for Throwback Thursday – I’ll be posting the quilt I made our grandma a few years ago.


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