Throwback Thursday: Quilt for my Grandma

Hello habibis! It’s Throwback Thursday and I’m bringing you the quilt I made for my grandma a few years ago.

I had bought a panel with grandma sayings – it was really cute – and I wanted to incorporate them into a quilt for her. I decided to use photo printer fabric to include pictures of my grandparents and all their children’s and grandchildren. The quilt is like a snapshot frozen in time from the period when I made it – I had chosen all contemporary pictures, so everything is from approx 2006-2008. I think I made the quilt in 2008 or 2009. (I don’t know why I can’t remember now.) I used fabrics in her favorite colors – yellows and oranges – to round it out.

The photos are offset by little borders to make them wide enough – I think I used 5 inch squares for the rest of the quilt, but at the time I didn’t realize that the foot of my machine wasn’t a quarter inch, so the squares came out between 4 and 4 1/4″ inches.  (Maybe I used 4.5″ squares with really scant seams?  I’m not sure how I got these results.)  The blocks with the photos come out to about 8 1/2″ wide.

Like with my grandpa’s quilt, there is some pattern to the arrangement – all yellow or alternating yellow and orange, etc. (The four center rows alternate yellow and orange, then the row above and the row below that are all orange, then two rows of yellow, then alternating again, but by the time I got to the end rows it’s not necessarily alternating orange and yellow – it’s more of a design because I had a lot more squares left of the yellow prints and the white-based prints with orange and yellow in them than of the orange prints.)  The photo blocks and pre-printed squares form the main design: four photo blocks arranged vertically in the center of the quilt and another four arranged vertically on each side of the quilt.  As I look at it now, I would have moved two of them up and I think I may have flipped the order of two of my yellow rows.  The quilt is symmetrical horizontally but not vertically.  I placed the pre-printed squares in columns to the left and right of the center photo blocks and in the four corners of the quilt.

The quilting is simple in the ditch with yellow thread. I didn’t know how to bind so I turned the edges under.  The back is a low volume yellow print.

As I mentioned last week, when my grandparents died I took the quilts I’d made them back. The train quilt is at my parents’ house, but I have my grandma’s quilt. My dad hung it on my living room wall for me. (Luckily my roommate J doesn’t mind.)  It’s nice and bright and I can see pictures of my family every time. I love it.

Stop by tomorrow to read more about my magnum opus!


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Quilt for my Grandma

    • Yes! I’m so glad I have this quilt on my wall; I can see it every day. I was blessed to have such wonderful grandparents and I know they’re watching over me. 🙂

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