“What So Proudly We Hail” Part III

On Monday I showed you the hand quilting of patriotic phrases on my flag quilt. Today I’ll show you the rest of the quilting.

The rest of the quilting – appropriately, I think – is stars. First, fifty stars for the fifty states. I quilted stars with a running stitch in white thread.

I did my math wrong initially and I wasn’t going to have enough stars. I had to redraw some of them to hit 50. (I don’t know how I thought I’d have enough! The rules of math do not change!)

I quilted stars using a running stitch with red thread in between the patriotic quotes. One at the top of the flag and one after each quote. At the end of the quilt I had enough space for three stars. I decided to do one red, one white, and one blue. I knew the white wouldn’t show up on the white fabric, though, so I did a whip stitch going around it – once in red and once in blue. I thought that came out really nicely.

All of my quilting was on the white stripes. I decided to quilt stars on the red stripes too. I chose red thread so it wouldn’t distract from the phrases. (Although I think a running stitch in white thread would also look great.)


For reasons I can’t understand, I had a problem with fuzz catching on the thread and showing when I quilted but only with the red stars. I can’t figure it out. It helped if I kept the thread short and pulled the needle straight up through the fabric rather than at an angle but other than that I have no idea what caused the problem. I’m not happy with how that worked out.  There are 8 stars on the short stripes and 12 on the long stripes.  That’s 64 total.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the binding and the finished quilt!


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