Charity quilt back

As I mentioned in one of my Hunter’s Star quilt posts, I wanted to piece a beige back for the quilt, but while piecing it I decided it would be too patchworky for the feel of the quilt and what I wanted.  I finished piecing it and saved it for next time I made a charity quilt.

The original plan was to cut subtle beige prints into 10″ squares, so they’d be 9.5″ finished, but I forgot and cut them 9.5″ instead.  (Another rozsamaria math mistake!)  That necessitated a border, which I decided to create with 3.5″ by 9.5″ strips.

I cut all of my strips and squares and laid them out in an arrangement that was pleasing to me.  I like to have some kind of system – I can’t do something completely random.  It had to be somewhat random because I didn’t have even numbers of pieces but it was as close to a system as I could make it.  However, while I was ironing I flipped a couple of the rows, so they were in the right order but not necessarily in the correct orientation.  I tried to fix it but I suspect the arrangement ended up more random than I had originally intended.

I think I could match it up with something nice in green. Or I’ll donate it to my guild’s charity committee and let them use it. (I’ve been neglecting charity work this month, I’m afraid, while I work madly to finish Christmas presents – 15 done so far, several of them already gifted! Anyway, I need to get back to that in the new year.)


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