Lily’s Quilts Small Blog Meet

Happy Hanukkah if you celebrate!

In lieu of Guest Post Wednesday (I had hoped to have four, but one didn’t work out, and my mom wants to wait until things are less crazy to do her post), I wanted to share some of the other bloggers in the Lily’s Quilts Small Blog Meet:


Shannon at Modern Traditions Quilts – and check out her downloadable patterns at Connecting Threads (

Sew Psyched, whom I actually already follow!  She lives in Alaska, and in addition to awesome quilts she also posts amazing wildlife and landscape pictures.  I enjoy her quilts but also the tone of her blog – so much energy and enthusiasm!  It’s infectious!

Jules at Juna Creations UK – look at this quilt she made for a little boy; it’s so cool.

Shelly at Shellsaquiltin – this quilt includes embroidery, too, and it’s adorable.


Tomorrow we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming: Throwback Thursday.  I’ll show you the moose quilt I made my sister for her birthday several years ago.


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