More Anlichan Origami!

Hi habibis!  Christmas is less than a week away and, let’s face it, the holidays are busy and kind of stressful.  I was out of town for my brother’s wedding (!!!! more on that tomorrow), and now I’m trying to finish Christmas presents, solidify travel plans with Z (habibis, it is like pulling teeth), get work down before I’m out of the office, attend work holiday parties, see friends before the holidays, do laundry (guess which of these things hasn’t happened yet?)…and much as I enjoy the more frequent Advent posting schedule, sometimes it’s hard to keep up.  As this week nears to a close I’m pretty exhausted.  So, today, I bring you more of Anlichan’s gorgeous origami.  Feast your eyes on some of my favorites from her recent posts (because I really can’t pick) and then go look at the rest!  She’s so talented.

These turtles are the cutest.

I love how mesmerizing these tessellations are, and also the variation in shading.  I find this really soothing to look at.

A foil star and two other stars here and here, both of which I love.  Doesn’t she choose great colors?  So gorgeous.

Look at this cube she made.  She made it!  It looks so incredibly complicated to me – I can’t even fathom how you make those perfect little star cut outs.  Again, Anlichan is crazy talented.

Come back tomorrow to hear about the wedding!  Also, for the final week of Advent I’ll be showing you the quilt I made for my brother and his wife as a wedding present, plus our final Travel Tuesday, and on Christmas I’ll post the present I made for my goddaughter.  After Christmas we’ll go back to a more normal posting schedule, I think, and I’ll have LOTS of presents to share with you.  I’ve got a bunch made – and some already gifted! – but still many more to do.  Happy Friday!


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