Wedding Saturday

Hello habibis! I guess this is Wedding Saturday. ūüôā Today I’m posting about my brother R’s wedding (plus a little sewing! I had to adjust my dress for the rehearsal dinner) and tomorrow I’ll start posting the quilt I made for R and M as a wedding gift.

Last week our entire family traveled down to warmer climes to join R and M for their wedding. The only person who couldn’t attend was my grandmother – she has Parkinson’s and doesn’t travel well. They had a bit of a cold spell (in the 40s at night) but the days were still pleasant and we didn’t mind. It was still lovely for us.

M is a sweetheart. We’ve loved her since we met her and we’ve been excited for this day since R started talking about proposing. Her family is great, too. They love R and we all get along. The family¬† blending has been pretty seamless.

The rehearsal dinner and the wedding were both right on the water. So beautiful. We had dancing at the rehearsal dinner  Рwe love dancing!

Here’s my dress:

It’s Boden, like many of my dresses, and I tend to buy this style a lot. ¬†(It’s the Imogen dress if you’d like to buy it yourself. ¬†It’s more purple in person.) ¬†This is the first time I’ve had a fit issue – namely, the neckline was gaping – so the design must be slightly different. It looked fine when I put it on but I wore it out with Z a couple of months ago and I had to keep my coat on because the neckline gaped so much.¬† Easily fixed – I found matching thread and sewed it up.

In the interest of propriety I think I went a little higher than I needed, but better safe than sorry! I honestly think it’s not the most flattering of my Biden dresses , but I bought it for the color, which I love. The color is what pops in all the photos, too, so I consider that a success.

The wedding day started early with hair and makeup. (We’d done our nails the day before.) ¬†Our dresses were royal blue, with a gathered sweetheart neckline; they fell straight to the floor. So beautiful. Everyone looked great in them. We wore silver shoes and earrings and necklaces from M. M herself was gorgeous, the most beautiful bride.¬† Her shoes were royal blue to match our dresses and they were fabulous! She has such great taste.¬† ¬†She and R made a snazzy couple!

They wrote their own vows, which were sweet and funny.¬† I teared up but I didn’t cry!¬† (I didn’t cry at all until the mother-son dance, when I saw my mom crying, and then I couldn’t help it!) ¬†Our cousin M was the best man and our cousin C was a groomsman.¬† C and I were paired up for the walk in and out, and when R and M told us they wanted everyone to dance out down the aisle we weren’t sure what to do. (Our family loves dancing but I’ve never felt particularly skilled at it.) We finally picked the Swim, since it’s pretty easy and I could do it in my heels. We actually got a big laugh!

The reception was beautiful and we danced all night again.  After the reception ended we hung out longer in the hotel bar.  It was a late night!

On Sunday we went to mass and had a wedding brunch. ¬†I gave R and M their quilt at the brunch so I could see them open it. ¬†(That’s what I miss most with wedding presents – I don’t usually get to see people open the quilts I made them.) ¬†They loved it! ¬†Stop in tomorrow for my first post about it!


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