R and M’s Wedding Quilt: “Wedding Knot – Love is the Tie that Binds” – Part I

Happy Fourth Sunday of Advent! Christmas is literally around the corner, a mere four days away. Last week was Gaudete Sunday, which is Latin for Rejoice! We had a pink candle, to represent joy, and my family was certainly in joyful mode in celebration of R and M’s wedding. This week we’re back to purple, for waiting. We’re waiting for Jesus’s birth. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to wait, though! I have about a dozen presents to finish (I know!) and one more day of work before Z and I travel. But Advent is also about preparation. I’ll be doing a lot of that! I’m afraid I haven’t had a very contemplative or reflective Advent. This year it felt more like barreling towards Christmas. I’ve enjoyed it, though. Does that count?

Anyway, I’ve finally come to R and M’s wedding present. I could have shared it earlier in the week but I like to make my Sunday Advent posts extra special to reflect the specialness of the day. So I saved it. 🙂

R and M got engaged a little over two years ago. For their engagement/Christmas 2012 I made them this quilt.  I used Path to the Altar blocks in their school colors, green and white, and their favorite colors, pink and red. I love it and I know they do, too. However, as happens with scrappy quilts (my favorite to make), it’s a little busy. Okay, a lot busy. I’ve since gotten a much better sense of M’s decorating style, which is very classic.  She’s got great taste; their apartment is far better decorated than most people in their mid-20s manage, I can assure you.

I was on the look out for patterns. I saw this one in Keepsake Quilting last year. It’s called Josephine’s Knot. I didn’t love the kit they’d put together (I liked the color combination – reds and blacks – but not the actual fabrics) so I only bought the pattern.

I then started thinking about fabric choices and I finally settled on emerald green, cream, and gold. Classic, pretty, goes with pretty much any decor. (I may have been inspired by the marble floor of my neighborhood church. I can’t remember if that’s where I got the idea or if I only noticed the similarity afterward.)  I waited until the post-Christmas sales and bought all my fabrics.

I love my golds. The green with the peacock feathers looks vaguely polka dot-ish from a distance. It was more bottle green than forest green so I wasn’t thrilled with the shade but I wasn’t about to order new fabric either. Also it really worked with the other fabrics. I was happy once it came together. I think you only notice it in comparison with the backing fabric.

I decided to make them a king sized quilt because they have a king sized bed. Then I decided that was crazy and downgraded to a queen – which is still the largest quilt I’ve ever made. (It took up half my suitcase when we flew down for the wedding!!) I have been using the leftovers for other things – you may recognize the golds in J’s wedding napkins. I still have soooo much green, though. The backing is 108″ wide and I bought so many yards. I’ll use it! Or it’ll go to my guild for charity day in March.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow.  I used safety pins to keep all my pieces of the same size together and I labeled them with little pieces of paper. This was a huge help and I highly recommend it, especially since I cut the pieces at a different time from when I sewed them.

The piecing was also relatively simple. I followed the guide in the pattern. The pattern, by the way, has options for four or five different size quilts and you can go scrappy. It recommends more fabric variation than what I had – I couldn’t find enough variation in the right shades of gold or green that I wanted online so I reduced the number of fabrics I used. Shopping in a store probably would have helped with that. Anyway I recommend this pattern if you find the design appealing. As long as you keep your pieces organized it’ll be a breeze.  (You can buy it here.)

I used my method of pins and paper to keep track of the rows, too, so I wouldn’t mix them up.

I decided to call the quilt “Wedding Knot – Love is the Tie that Binds.”  Come back tomorrow and I’ll talk about the assembly process.  On Tuesday we’ll have our final Travel Tuesday post, and on Wednesday I’ll have my third post about the Wedding Knot quilt and the actual quilting on it.


2 thoughts on “R and M’s Wedding Quilt: “Wedding Knot – Love is the Tie that Binds” – Part I

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