Wedding Knot: Love is the Tie that Binds – Part II

Welcome to part II of the quilt I made for my brother R and his new wife M for their wedding.  See part I here.

Yesterday I posted about the cutting and piecing, which were pretty straightforward.  Today I’ll address the process of sandwiching the quilt.

The quilt assembly was a rather more difficult process than the cutting and piecing just because the quilt is so big. I used my parents’ dining room table instead of the ping pong table, but even with the larger table it wasn’t ideal. I realized that I hadn’t done a great job when I started quilting and the fabric bunched a lot. It was just difficult with so large a quilt.

So here’s the top of the quilt on my couch:

Here’s the backing fabric, laid out on my brother’s bed at my parents’ house.  Look how much fabric there is!

In the sandwiching process:

Here’s a picture of it hanging from my parents’ balcony.

One of my guild friends recommended that I keep track of how much time it takes me to make my quilts, which I did for both my magnum opus and this. These first three stages – cutting, piecing, and quilt assembly – took me 16 hours.

Come back tomorrow for Travel Tuesday and on Wednesday to see the quilting for the Wedding Knot quilt.


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