Nativity Wall Quilt for my Goddaughter N

Merry Christmas, habibis!  I hope you’re having a very happy holiday if you celebrate (and if not, happy Thursday)!

For my goddaughter N’s Christmas present I thought I’d give her something religious.  I was thinking I’d stop at the Catholic store in my parents’ town and then I remembered that I had bought a Nativity wall quilt kit years ago.  I think I’d originally planned to make it for my parents but I never got around to it, and it’s been sitting in my stash for some time.  I decided it would be perfect.

The kit consists of a panel featuring the Holy Family and the three Wise Men, in shades of blue and gold.  It’s beautiful!

The back is a starry print.

I added this silver-edged ribbon to make loops for hanging.

I did all my quilting in gold thread.  I tried to do some FMQ on it, more free-form than free motion I guess.  I quilted around the halos on the Holy Family, but I didn’t trace in advance, so they aren’t perfect curves.


I quilted inside the Star of Bethlehem, from point to point, although you can’t really tell.  I quilted around the blocks at the top and bottom of the panel.  I quilted along the edges of the center panel piece.  I had some bunching issues at the corners – the little finial kind of shapes – and I wanted to flatten them out as best I could, so I then went along the edges of the quilt in navy.

Can you see that in the above picture?  It did help.

Here are full shots of the front and back:

It’s really cute, right?  I wish it were less bunchy but that’s a chronic problem of mine, and it still looks great!


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