Quilt Magnets for J

Sew Mama Sew hosts Handmade Holidays every November, where they have guest bloggers curate lists of handmade gifts to make.  I checked it for ideas every day and I got a couple of good ones for Christmas presents, including this one: https://feelincrafty.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/to-do-list-swap-quilted-magnets-with-a-tutorial-done/

Quilted magnets!  My roommate J loves magnets!  I knew this was perfect for her.

I pulled together my scraps of purple fabric – J likes purple – and started piecing.  My initial plan was courthouse steps blocks, and that became wonky courthouse steps, and then I ran out of scraps in the fabrics I’d picked so now they’re kind of wonky improv-pieced semi courthouse steps blocks.  Two of them are completed courthouse steps blocks and two are not.

They’re cute, right?

I improve pieced the backs, too:

I didn’t follow the tutorial.  I wish I had.  I didn’t realize that you only quilt the top and the batting, not all three layers.  (That’s smart, right?  It keeps the magnet away from your machine!)   I was afraid my magnets wouldn’t be strong enough for batting, so I just quilted the top and back layers.  I tried to do most of my quilting before I put the magnets in, but even so I had to put the magnet in at some point.  That was annoying.  My machine still seems fine but next time I do this I will follow the tutorial properly.  Also, I needn’t have worried about the strength of my magnets; they were quite strong.

They’re larger than in the tutorial – more like 4″.

Finished magnets:

J was super excited about them.  She put them up on our fridge right away.   They look great, if I do say so myself.


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