Christmas Presents: Coasters Part I

I made a lot of coasters this Christmas. A lot.  I think I made seven sets of coasters.

For my brother R and his wife M, I used scraps from their wedding quilt to make them coordinating coasters – because who doesn’t need coasters that coordinate with their quilt?  I used the fish fabric with green borders – the green pieces were scraps and the fish fabric were extras from cutting too many pieces for the quilt, so this required very little cutting. I did free motion quilting – curves from corner to corner of the gold and then curves on either side, meant to mimic the fish swimming.  I don’t seem to have pictures of them, post-quilting.

My sister got moose coasters! I made her an ornament once with this moose fabric. I still had plenty left. I tried to fussy cut it to get a moose in at least half the pieces, and then I made those the “front.”  I used batting scraps for all these, by the way, and I didn’t bind them because I knew I’d never have time. I quilted them to focus on the moose. Each one has two lines of quilting, angled to highlight the moose.

Here’s a blurry picture of the “fronts” of the coasters.

Here’s a better picture of the backs:

For my Aunt M I made purple coasters. (I actually made these before Thanksgiving, when I made the coasters for T-Rex.) One side matches the pot holders I made her last year – because who doesn’t need coasters that match their pot holders? I quoted them in a spiral, like T-Rex’s.  I realized when it came time to write this blog that I never took pictures of them.  Oops!  Take my word that they were cute!


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