Scrap sewing for me

Double posts again today!

I have wanted to make myself a needle book and scissors holders for a little while for when I travel.  I’ve been using a little scrap for all my needles for a few years.  (Several years ago I made one of my uncles a Yankees ornament and hand-embroidered the Yankees logo, but I realized most of the way through that I’d done it backwards and had to start over.  I’ve been using the initial scrap with the backwards logo to hold all my needles.  It’s obviously not ideal.)  When I made the dog pillows last week with more scraps from my grandfather’s tshirts and sweatshirts, I thought the collar from one of the sweatshirts would make a good needle book.  I added blue polka dot fabric to the center to attach the two pieces of the collar.  Then I took scraps of leftover binding (I save everything – these are leftover from the coasters I made my cousins J and C for their birthdays) and bound the raw edges.  I finished it with a closure using a piece of ribbon for a loop and a cute little thimble button my aunt D gave me for my birthday when she gifted me her stash.  It’s not the cutest needle book ever – I decidedly went for function over form.


For scissors, I used some scrap pieces from an old tablecloth of my mother’s.  She’s an elementary school teacher and she uses heavier fabrics to make book pouches that hang over the kid’s chairs.  One of her old tablecloths went that route, and I have the scraps of it because, as I mentioned, I save everything.  I took a large-ish piece and added a matching piece of batting.  I cut it into a kind of ice cream cone shape – sort of curved along the top, and a triangle at the bottom.  I sewed the sides of the triangle together and secured the batting to the fabric.  To finish I used ribbon again to make a closure and a cute little scissor-shaped button from aunt D.   This one has a bunch of rough edges but it’ll fit my largest scissors – probably all my scissors at once – and I won’t have to worry about sharp scissor tips poking through anything.

I did more work on those charity baby quilts I’m working on, and some other as well.  More on those another day!  Also, I’m starting the Handstitched class this week!  I’ve added the button and I’m pretty excited to start.  I have to confess that I probably won’t be doing all the projects – or not necessarily all the projects as written – but I’ve already got some ideas for this week’s three projects.  Now that I have a needle book I guess I don’t need another one, but I’m sure I know some other people who might like one!

2 thoughts on “Scrap sewing for me

  1. Well done focusing your scraps! I’m trying to that too this year and now you’ve given me a couple of ideas for smaller projects! I’m quite proud of the fact that I haven’t been to the fabric store yet this year!

    • me neither! We’re doing so well! 🙂 (For a couple of other ideas: my mom made herself a glasses case and a little scissors case out of her scraps! They look better than mine do hehe.)

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