Handstitched Projects – Part I

Hello habibis!  Since I’m still (still!) posting about Christmas presents, I thought I’d start posted a second post each week (on Wednesdays) to show you what I’ve actually been working on recently.  I don’t know how long I’ll keep up a two-post-a-week schedule, but at least for now.

As I mentioned previously, I’m taking the Handstitched class taught by Rachel at Stitched in Color.  This week was the first week, reverse applique, with three projects: a reverse appliqued tank top, a needle book, and the center of the medallion quilt that will be the large project for the class.  (I didn’t even realize that we’d be making a quilt during the class.  I’ve always wanted to make a medallion quilt, so this works out well.)  I just made myself a needle book, but I think I’ll try making this one at some point – just not at the moment.   The tank top isn’t my style but I like the idea, and I might see if I can apply the technique to a doll quilt – also not at the moment.

I have tackled the medallion quilt.  The center is a dogwood blossom reverse applique.   I decided to make two.  One in lime and teal, for another project I’m working on, and one in coral and a print for my medallion quilt for the class.  I had intended to do the coral one first and then the teal, since the teal one will be a present for someone else and I wanted to have the technique down before I made it for someone else.  However, I forgot and did the teal first.

The instructions called for freezer paper.  I thought at first that wax paper is the same thing, but it’s not.  I went to three different stores to find freezer paper but no one seems to sell it, so I settled for wax paper.  It doesn’t work as well.  Assembling the teal block was pretty frustrating.  I followed Rachel’s instructions and did a blind stitch in lime.  (My blind stitches aren’t that nice.  They’re okay, though.)  Note how my wax paper is pulling out as I try to work on it.

When it came time to do the coral block I didn’t feel like following the freezer paper method again, so rather than doing reverse applique I used fusible applique and put the dogwood shape on the background rather than cutting the dogwood shape out of the background fabric.  I’m using a blanket stitch in teal.  I ran out of one thread and can’t find it for the life of me, so I had to switch colors.  I don’t think it’s that noticeable.  If it were for someone else it would bother me, but since it’s for me I don’t mind.  You may have noticed that the dogwood blossom shape is slightly different in this block – that’s because the fusible applique sheet wasn’t wide enough and I cut it down to fit.

I’ve picked out the fabrics for the first three borders, per Rachel’s instructions, although I’m not following it 100%.  She suggested using white fabric for blocks we’re going to embroider, but I’m using semi-solid colors instead.  The embroidery lesson is next week, I think, so I have this weekend to get all my borders on.


3 thoughts on “Handstitched Projects – Part I

  1. Oh, thanks for sharing all that! I, too, am taking Rachel’s class. I have only worked on the medallion dogwood so far, and only have 1/3 of it stitched. I’m struggling with the inner and outer points – ugh! I wish I could show you my (mess) progress, but, I’m at work (shhh – nothing going on due to yesterday’s blizzard). I will try and blog about it this week. Luckily, I bought some supplies from Amazon so I have the freezer paper, but, I ordered sheets and they’re not big enough, so I had to tape two sheets together. I love how you used your dogwood blossom shape! I’m going to make something with mine, too, and why not another medallion center for a quilt! Good luck with the rest of her class – it’s so much fun! I just wish I had more time to spend doing!

    • I don’t think my points are that great either – in some places I think the raw edges peek through. I tried to cover them with my stitches. 🙂

      I wish I had more time too! I thought I’d have so much free time over the next couple of months but I just fill up all my time with new projects. I’m going to make the HSTs for the border instead of doing the embroidery on them, since she said that would take less time. (PS I’m scared of the EPP week! I’ve never done that before. But then again, I’d never done freezer paper applique, and it was frustrating but I managed it. I kept telling my boyfriend “I’m never doing this again” while I worked on it hehe.)

      Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

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