Handstitched Projects – Part II

Hello habibis!  Today I want to show you the center medallion for my Handstitched quilt.  I’ve added the first three borders, in anticipation of this week’s embroidery lesson.

Rachel’s instructions for the first border included mitered corners.  I found them a little difficult.  First you sew the borders on, leaving the ends loose, and then you sew each set of corners.  I can’t explain it as well as Rachel did, so I won’t try – if you’re interested in mitered borders, I’d advise you to message her.  Mine don’t look nearly as neat as hers.  I couldn’t make them lay flat, but I tried.  I don’t think I’d use this method again – my corners would have come out more nicely if I’d done my borders the normal way!

Here are some pictures of my progress:

This might be my best corner:

The next border is for embroidery.  Rachel instructed us to use white strips, but she said that quilters comfortable with HSTs could substitute HSTs and solid squares for the strips.  I didn’t use white – I used solid(-ish) colors instead.  The embroidery will go on the pink pieces, which are at the centers and on the corners.

The third border was mitered corners again.  I’m afraid despite my efforts my center didn’t come out quite square.  I hope that won’t affect the rest of my quilt too much!

This week I’ll embark on the embroidery stage!


2 thoughts on “Handstitched Projects – Part II

  1. What great colors, and I love your applique in the center. One thing that helps mitered corners turn out well is making sure the center that you are bordering is really SQUARED. In other words, the sides top/bottom and left/right have to be parallel in order for the border strips to meet correctly. You may need to trim your work before attaching the borders. It’s a good thing to check, anyway. I found mitered corners really intimidating at first. I still don’t use them often, because they are a little fiddly. But once you’ve done a few I think you will find them easy.

  2. It looks great! I agree with your thoughts on the mitered corners – ugh. I’ve done mitered corners a different way in the past with great success, but I can’t remember how. I’ll have to Google it. On my next border, though, I completely forgot and just did added them the regular way. Oh, well. And I just realized, after looking at your dogwood blossom, that I did my applique stitches a different way! I guess I just don’t follow directions very well 🙂 I think I used a whip stitch and not the blanket.

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