Handstitched Projects – Part III

I wanted to show you the embroidery for our Handstitched class.  As I mentioned, I made HSTs and thus skipped some of the embroidery to save time.  That left satin stitching for the “jewel” shapes (I would call them clubs, like on a deck of cards).  I bought a few different colors of embroidery floss, and I ended up using fushia and teal.

I used the fushia on the corners and followed Rachel’s instructions.  I backstitched the jewel shape, did a running stitch from each corner to the jewel shape, and then did the satin stitch in the spaces between the running stitches to the edges.

When it came time for the four center “jewels” I switched to teal.  I was running out of time at this point – I’m working on several other projects right now – so rather than doing satin stitch all the way around the jewel shape like on the fushia ones, I just backstitched the jewel shape.  Then I did running stitch from corner to corner, crisscrossing the jewel shape.

Here’s a picture of the whole thing:

Our next assignment is English paper piecing and I’m despairing about when I’ll have time to do it!  I have sooooo much other stuff I’m working on that I’d like to show you and there hasn’t been time!


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