Appliqued Doll Quilt

My doll quilt involved some applique practice and getting rid of scraps.  My guild makes stockings and stuffed animals around the holidays, and a couple of years ago I wanted to make stuffed animals but I didn’t realize that I needed to blow up the pattern to a larger size.  The pieces came out so small and I gave up on the stuffed animals.  (I think I made one tiny dinosaur.)  I had pieces cut out, including pieces to make a stuffed dog.   I also had a blue circle shape – leftover from this present I made for Anlichan.

I took the two ear pieces and sewed them right sides together, then turned them right side out. I turned the open end under and stitched it down to the dog body piece.

I had already embroidered the dog’s eye and nose when I was going to make the stuffed animal originally, so I didn’t need to worry about that.  I machine appliqued the dog to the blue circle with yellow thread using a zigzag stitch. (I’ve since learned that it works better if you use your satin stitch foot!)

I fused that to a large square of the polka dot fabric leftover from my polka dot Drunkard’s Path comforter.  I used a blanket stitch to hand applique it down.

I used batting scraps and a square of the shirting fabric that I’m still trying to get rid of to make the quilt sandwich.  I quilted a spiral from the circle outward to the edges.

Here’s how the quilting looks from the back:

Then I squared it up and I added the binding.  I used the leftover binding from the American flag quilt I made.  I hadn’t measured it to make sure it was long enough, but I got lucky and it was slightly longer than I needed.  (I didn’t want to make binding, and the red, white, and blue looked cute with the blue and yellow fabrics in the quilt.)

I realized as I was sewing the binding down that the shirting fabric had a little stamp on it, and that the marks showed.  So I made a little quilt tag to cover it.  It says “For someone special.”  Maybe I should make little tags for all of my charity quilts in the future.


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