January and February Charity Sewing

Hi habibis!  It’s already March.  I’m pretty excited for February to be over – it’s already slightly warmer!  In the 20s and 30s instead of in the teens or colder.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to set aside one day each month for charity sewing, and so far I’ve kept it.  In the last couple of months I’ve made this doll quilt, two completed baby quilts, and two quilt tops.  Today I’ll share the baby quilts and tomorrow I’ll share the other quilt tops.

I still had so much shirting fabric leftover.  I used some of it to make this striped quilt, and more for the backing.  I did wavy lines for the quilting.  I didn’t bind either of these – I just sewed them around the edges and flipped them right side out.  Some of the quilting got a little messy – in one spot I had to fold fabric over and sew down on top of it.  It still looks okay.

I thought this blue plaid would look adorable with the yellow polka dot fabric I have.  I added the yellow as borders at the top and bottom.  Then I quilted using the plaid as my guide.  I quilted vertical and horizontal lines, working from the center outward.  When I got to the corners I was tired of the vertical and horizontal lines, so I quilted different-sized squares in each corner.   I used yellow thread.

Here’s the quilting from the back:

Tomorrow I’ll show you a couple of quilt tops!


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