Elephant Parade!

Here are some more baby gifts: stuffed elephants.  I used the same pattern as here, so I won’t go through the whole process here.

This was a baby shower present for a mom who loves green. I used a print from my Aunt D’s stash. Aunt D knows this new mom and I thought she’d be extra delighted. Plus the print is adorable!  The eyes are sewn with purple thread.

This is another from Aunt D’s stash, for a friend who had a baby last year. By the time I found out I was pretty much booked solid with sewing until January so this was my first chance to make a present. I thought the fabric was super cute and bright.  I sewed the eyes with bright green thread.  I’m not sure how well it shows up.

Elephant number three is for the sons of a coworker. When I showed her the elephant I’d made for my goddaughter she exclaimed how it was like Elmer the Patchwork Elephant, which her sons love. I decided I’d make them one. I used red, blue, and yellows scraps. I sewed them into sets of strips and then cut out the pieces to make I extra scrappy. So cute right? It’s not the same colors as the one in the book but I really liked it.  The boys loved it, too.  The eyes are sewn with blue thread.


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