Charity quilt tops

My guild’s yearly charity sewing day was this weekend.  I brought five quilt tops to donate and I was so happy to have them all done in time!

One is old: do you remember the low volume quilt back I made and then discarded for my Hunter’s Star quilt?  I finally decided to donate it.

Three tops were from the shirting fabric.  The first one is a baby quilt top and the other two are improv-pieced twin-sized tops.  Recognize all those half-hexagons?  Leftover from my hexagon charity quilt.  I found them in a plastic bag while I was putting together these tops.  All I wanted was to get rid of all this shirting fabric!  Ignore all the wrinkles – I later paid for not bothering to iron or trim the tops when we were putting them together over the weekend and I had to trim one right there!


The last top is made of extra pieces from this quilt I made for my goddaughter N.  It’s approx. 45″ square.  I pieced four large squares together to make it.

That’s five tops out of my stash!


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