My Magnum Opus: Show Prep

I’m showing my magnum opus in my guild’s quilt show, so I had to put a sleeve on it.  I used this tutorial:

I don’t think an 85″ wide quilt was the best choice for my first quilt sleeve.  I spoke to other, more experienced quilters afterward and they said I should have made several shorter sleeves and sewn them along in a row.  I’m not 100% sure it’s going to hang straight, but oh well.

I also had to sew a period that had somehow disappeared.  Did I miss it when I did the initial quilting?  Not sure.

I’d originally planned more rows of stars, but I decided I didn’t have time for that.  I’m glad I decided not to – between the Handstitched class and all my other sewing stuff, I definitely would not have had time.

I didn’t wash the quilt.  I think it’s pretty clean.  Z had a detergent accident with the quilt – somehow he managed to spill some on the quilt, and I’m not sure how he cleaned it up, but it bled a bit.

I submitted the quilt for judging anyway.  I’ve never had a quilt judged before!  I’m very curious to see what kind of feedback I get.  I don’t think I’m the most technically skilled quilter (and same goes for my piecing) but I think I’m creative when it comes to my designs.  I’m preparing myself for some negative feedback.  I’m so happy with this quilt, and Z loves it, so the judging is really an academic exercise.

Here it is, all rolled up in its pillowcase.

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