Stash Report!

Here’s my three-month stash report!  I should keep up with it better and do it monthly…

My intake has been a grand total of 1/8 of a yard of Kona Snow for my February bee block.  (I’ve also been keeping track of my sewing spending and it’s been pretty minimal so far this year: I bought a small embroidery hoop, some embroidery thread, and needles for the Handstitched class, and then I bought the 1/8 yard, a little stuffed animal pattern, and some batting – but I had a gift card, so I’ve spent a total of $7.50 thus far.  That doesn’t count the quilting retreat I’m going to with my mom soon.)

My outtake has been gargantuan in comparison.  (Note: A lot of these are estimates.  Generally I’m calculating based on finished size, so I think my margin of error in terms of estimates is probably okay.  I calculated that a yard of fabric is 36″ by 40″, or 1440 square inches, so I’ve been calculating the square inches of everything I made and then dividing it by 1440 to get my approximate yardage.)


3.6 yards for doll quilts

8 yards for dog bed (the giant one I made out of my bedspread)

1.6 yards for 4 pillows

.38 yards for bee blocks

Total: 13.58 yards


5.1 yards of shirting for baby quilts

.125 yards for scrap sewing (needle book and scissor holder)

2.4 yards for shoe bags

1.4 yards for my project bag

fat quarter donation to my guild

.11 yards for bee block

.04 yard for a bookmark I made that I never posted

Total:  9.425 yards


.14 yard for March bee block

.53 yards for sleeve for magnum opus

donations to my guild (scrap tops, shirting tops, and other donations): 31.65 yards! (That’s not counting the batting I donated to my guild.)

Total: 32.32 yards

My three-month total is 55.325 yards!!

My arbitrary goal was to get 50 yards out of my stash by the time I moved, which isn’t happening for several more months. So the good thing is that I’ve already met my goal, and I have a lot of projects I’m working on or planning to make, so I’ll keep moving fabric out of my stash.

The bad thing is that I have so much fabric in my stash that I was able to get rid of almost 55 yards and it doesn’t seem to have made much of a dent!  I bought a lot of fabric last year in anticipation of projects, some of which I haven’t completed yet, so I’m making a concerted effort to only sew out of my stash, as much as possible – pieced backs, scrappy bindings, etc.  It helps that scrappy is my aesthetic, anyway.  After I’ve moved apartments, which will give me an excellent opportunity to destash, I can reevaluate and determine whether I need to start purchasing fabric again.  I have enough fabric to make tons of quilts, obviously; usually I end up buying fabric because I don’t have the fabric to make the quilts I want.  Maybe that means I need to be smarter about my stash.  My “fabric diet” this year hasn’t been that difficult, but that’s because I already had the fabrics I needed for the first half of the year.  When I move into the second half of the year and the quilts I want to make then, my stash may no longer be sufficient.

I hope my stash musings haven’t been too boring.  I’ll try to be better about posting at the end of every month, and my tally will definitely go up.  Should I reevaluate my goal?   I’m going to say 75 yards for my goal now – and I’ll aim to surpass it.  The more I get rid of, the less I need to pack!

Tune in next week for (hopefully) an update on my Handstitched projects.  I think I’m only about a month behind…

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