Weekend Roundup

This weekend was a busy one!  Mama S and I went to our quilt retreat, and then we left early on Sunday to make it to our guild’s show.  Lots of quilts!

Considering we were only at the retreat Friday evening and Saturday, I got a lot done.  I can’t show any of it to you yet, since everything I worked on was for presents, but hopefully in the near future I can share.

The guild show was a lot of fun.  My roommate J and psychoticrayofsunshine joined my parents and me.  Mama S won a ribbon in the rookie quilters category!  We saw all the beautiful quilts made by the talented men and women in the guild.  I love seeing the diversity of styles and techniques – we had modern and traditional, scrappy and monochrome, crazy quilts, heavily embroidered, creatively hand and machine quilted, large and small, jungle scenes, city skylines, kaleidoscope quilts; you name it, we saw it.  Tomorrow I’ll share my feedback from judging.

Between the guild show and the upcoming holidays, I’m keeping the posting light this week.  I have three hectic work days left, then I go home.  I’ll be running around even there, errands with Mama S, a seder at a friend’s house, then back home to help host the whole family for Easter before I return to my apartment.  I wish all my habibis a safe and happy Passover and Easter, if you celebrate, and a wonderful (hopefully spring-like) weekend to all of you.


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