My Magnum Opus: Post-Show Thoughts

Hello habibis!  Happy Wednesday!  The week is halfway over and the holidays are nearly here…I am so ready for Easter!

I put my magnum opus, “What So Proudly We Hail,” into my guild’s show this weekend.  I’ve never had a quilt in a show before, much less had one judged.  It was really exciting to see it hanging there!

(That’s one of my mom’s quilts hanging above mine, with the ribbon on it.)

Doesn’t it look great?  I love it.

I wanted to share some of the judge’s comments: she said the patriotic message was very clear (definitely) and she liked my scrappy binding. She said my stitching was good.  (I was afraid my hand quilting wouldn’t be up to snuff.)  She actually said it needed more quilting – I did leave the top two and bottom two rows free of stars because I ran out of time and then decided not to drive myself crazy.  (I could go back and quilt more stars if I want.)  Her only other negative comment was about the stain where the red fabric bled, which is visible on both the front and the back.   That’s from where Z spilled detergent on the quilt – and I’m not sure what he did to get the stain out, but it wasn’t effective.  I don’t mind the ding.  I’m so happy with the quilt, regardless.  The detergent stain isn’t a mistake I made, and Z actually felt really bad about it, so I didn’t tell him about the negative feedback.

So, overall, I loved seeing my quilt in the show.  I don’t think I’d enter it again – it’s Z’s quilt, after all, and I took it away from him for several weeks in order to show it.  Also, that stain won’t come out, so any judge would surely comment on it.  Next time we have a show I’ll have other things to enter!

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