Present for my grandma

My grandmother has pretty much everything she needs, and probably most of what she wants as well, so when it comes to presents for her I try to make things.  She always appreciates something handmade.  I decided to make her a mat for her tray table.

I used scraps leftover from my brother R’s wedding quilt – the forest green and the cream – and I added some gold and the green on white print from my Aunt D’s stash.  (Did I mention last time I used this fabric that it reminds me of an ivy print my grandmother used in her mountain house when I was a little girl?  It makes me really happy just to look at it.)  My grandpa’s favorite color was green, and my grandma has had a fondness for green since he passed away.  Her couch is dark green and the mat will match the pillow I made her for Christmas, too.

I made small blocks with scraps – do they count as courthouse steps blocks?  Then I took the cream squares and squared everything up (as best I could – everything is 6″-ish, emphasis on the ‘ish’).

The back is just a large piece of cream and a long piece of cream.  I layered them with a leftover piece of batting, sewed around the edge, and turned it right side out.

For the machine quilting I used cream thread.  I did geometric quilting in the blocks.  Each block is slightly different, but they’re all quilted in concentric squares of some style.  Then I drew hearts freehand and quilted them with a running stitch in forest green.

My grandma really liked it.  I wonder if I should have used more dark colors to hide stains, but it can always go in the wash.


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