April Stash Report!

Time for my April stash report.  I haven’t bought any new fabric (for me) this month.  (My guild’s charity committee had a sale of all the extra fabric they had on hand and I bought a bunch of fabric for my mom.  So it is currently in my apartment but not going into my stash, and therefore I’m not counting it.)  (And I just had a dream that an acquaintance who doesn’t quilt had some really nice fabric and I told him I was going to take some of it, and now that I’ve sat down to write this I realize it was a dream, which is a pity – it was beautiful Asian-inspired fabric, my favorite.  My subconscious has played a trick on me!)  Anyway, my incoming is zero this month!


The octopus quilt = 3.8 yards

Another baby quilt I made that I haven’t posted about yet =3.25 yards

April stash bee block = .3 yards

Shoe bag for A = .21 yards

Coasters (see above link) = .25 yards

Tray mat for my grandmother = .33 yards


Total outgoing for the month of April: 8.14 yards

Total for the year so far: 56.139 yards!

As you may remember, my initial goal was to get 50 yards out of my stash, and I’ve revised that to 75 yards.  I’m still planning to donate more fabric to my guild (I think the desire to not have to pack it will be a prime motivator in forcing me to get rid of some of it), and I have plenty of projects on my to-do list.  Wish me luck for May!



I did my math very wrong – my total from January through March was 55.325 yards, so my total through April is actually 63.465 yards.


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