Octopus Baby Quilt – Part III

Happy May, habibis!  The weather has finally gotten so nice, so lovely here.

Today I want to show you the borders I put on the octopus baby quilt and the pieced back.  I apologize for the lack of pictures – I could have sworn I took more!

I started with green squares, all in similar values of green, with 4 squares of green turtles on a blue background for the corners.   Then I cut 3″ (2.5″? now I can’t remember) strips of bright green prints with a blue with green polka dots mixed in.  I used those strips to make a narrower border, and then I added an extra row of strips across the top and bottom.  It looks cool, right?

I realized that the quilt warped somewhat when I stuffed the fish and octopus.  I didn’t try to square it up before I added the borders.  When I tried to add the borders, I realized that it wasn’t a perfect rectangle.  My attempts to mitigate that failed.  (Confession: The quilt remains 3″ longer on one side than the other, even now after it’s finished.  Oh well – it still looks cute!)

I pieced the back of the quilt.  I used leftover forest green fabric from the backing from my brother R’s wedding quilt, mixed in with a lighter green flannel.  The flannel print shows old fashioned ships over maps with little pirate flags.

I made a scrappy binding but I can’t find pictures.  Maybe it’ll show up in my pictures of the quilting – check back in tomorrow to see them!



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